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LMS can provide courses specifically tailored to the needs of your organization. The course teaches participants the art of music production, vocal recording and creative writing.

These are all executed interactively in a learning environment that encourages teamwork between participants. For example, Production Team Members will work under pressure to produce a piece of music for the group of song writers and singers whilst interacting with each other to understand what the song writers need in terms of theme of music. The aim is for the group to have achieved the following outputs and outcomes:

- CD full of constructive songs.
- Certificate acknowledging completion of course

- Learn how to Write, Produce and Record songs
- Develop Teambuilding / Team working skills
- Be able to work under pressure
- Communication skills
- Confidence building

-Members are taught how to express themselves creatively through the art of poetry during intense creative writing workshops. ------They will then be shown how to record their poetry on CD with music from the production team.
-Members are also taught how to edit and mix songs to its final professional version ready for CD.

At the end of the course, participants will have learned how to write, produce and record a constructive song whilst working under pressure and in teams.
Whether you’re a corporate company or a government funded body, we have tailored team-building courses.
*All of our staff are highly experienced in working with various types of people in different environments and are all CRB checked.

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